Low gravity high corrosion

Low gravity high corrosion

Neodymium iron boron in iron and neodymium rich equal corrosion resistance is poor,generally need to after plating. However, along with the elevator, such as wind powerpermanent magnet motor with the expansion of the field, the user of neodymium iron boron corrosion resistance put forward higher requirements, because no platingproducts compared to adhesive force and better electroplating products with pieces ofmany, the use safety of motor has been improved, now part of customers extensive use of NdFeB products not plating, in this situation the company through continuousinnovation, developed with the neodymium iron boron products ultra low gravity(weight loss test data units per square centimeter lose much mg weight), neodymium iron boron industry in general weight loss data in 100mg/cm2 above, as the material formula the production process conditions, different data, have bigger difference, butsome products we loss data has reached HAST requires 480 hours under 1.2mg/cm2;because of the weight loss is very low, so the corrosion resistance is very good,product reliability and service life are sharply increasing reach, can satisfy thepermanent magnet motor etc. the high-end application on the corrosion resistance of the stringent requirements, mainly used in elevator, radar, wind turbines and othermilitary aerospace, industrial electric motors Domain. The Kevin magnetic magnet by HAST aging box, 480 hours in the absence of coating, high temperature, high pressure, high humidity conditions (20 days) test, weight loss can be less than 1.2mg/cm2.

Weightlessness conditions:

1, the above is our production of steel in 2atm, 100%RH, 120 ℃ respectively test for 48 hours, 96 hours, 240 hours, 360 hours, 480 hours, 600 hours, 720 hours, 960 hours ofmeasured data. The 48 hours of weightlessness is 0-0.1, the average value is 0.

2, from the 960 hour day's data, weight loss is less than 1.2mg/cm2.

Note: there are mainly two weight loss test standard and European standard America

America requirements: PCT test: 2atm (high pressure) 95%RH (humidity) at 121 ℃, 96 hours, for weight loss is below 5 ~ 10mg/cm2;

The European requirements: HAST test: 3atm (high pressure) 95%RH (humidity) at 130 ℃, 168 hours, for weight loss is below 2 ~ 5mg/cm2;

All grades of NdFeB products weight loss data is not nearly the same, specific can consult our professional engineer.


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